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Agroni is a leading Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) research organisation in the UK. We have been delivering services to the public, private and NGO sectors since 2000.

Specialist in bilingual qualitative and quantitative research!

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Agroni is an independent, multi-disciplinary research organisation with extensive specialist knowledge and experience working with Britain’s BAME communities. We have offered our services to the private, public and NGO sectors since 2000.

We have a pool of over 100 qualified, well-trained, and experienced multilingual researchers across the UK. Our interviewers have been selected for their extensive local, cultural, and religious knowledge and collectively speak over thirteen community languages.

We are committed to providing bespoke, high-quality research and intelligence tailored to the needs of our clients. Flexibility, integrity, and partnership are the cornerstones of our service. We are proud members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Association of Qualitative Research (AQR). We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) terms and conditions, storing all personal and sensitive data on a secure cloud platform.


We offer services in England, Scotland, and Wales. We have a satellite office and collaborate with partners in Bangladesh.

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Agroni is a full-service agency that provides all services from project concept design, groundwork, questionnaire design and hosting on digital platforms, report writing, focus groups, data analysis, and many more services according to client and project needs.

Over the past 23 years, Agroni has developed many tools and an extensive interviewer pool, allowing us to provide comprehensive services to our clients. We can conduct fieldwork face-to-face, over the phone, or remotely via video conferencing. We can also conduct fieldwork through our online platform.

We are able to accommodate any and all types of research. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can assist you.

Our approaches

Agroni is equipped to address any and all types of research needs of its clients. We currently offer the following in-house facilities to our clients:

Face to Face (F2F)

Agroni has an extensive interviewer pool across the UK ready to be deployed for any face-to-face research work a client may need. We can assure a quick turnaround of interviews.

Telephone (CATI)

Agroni has set up a system to conduct telephone interviews for swift access to rich data across the UK.

Video (CAVI)

Many talented moderators are employed by Agroni, capable of handling remote video interviews.

Online (CAPI)

Agroni uses a major UK research tool called SmartSurvey to deploy rich online questionnaires all over the country.


The SmartSurvey tool is very intuitive, allowing the deployment of questionnaires to participants directly for a more streamlined research process.

Mixed Methods

Agroni is open to any method of research its clients require, a mixed approach is well within its ballpark.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science Services

Why advance analytics?

Agroni offers advanced analytics and data science services, including advanced visualisation of large datasets using approaches such as predictive modelling, machine learning, and text mining to gain actionable insights. We have a pool of experienced analysts and AI experts to perform advanced statistical analysis for meaningful and actionable insights. We offer the following services:
  • Live data bespoke dashboards built in Power BI or Tableau platforms.
  • Leverage powerful business intelligence and visualisation tools to bring data to life.
  • Cutting-edge machine learning, AI, and advanced analytics techniques.
  • Data linkage and pipeline development in Microsoft Azure.
  • Many popular data formatting (SPSS, Excel, CSV) services are available for advanced analytical needs.


We do not compromise on quality. High-quality research provides strong, ethical evidence that withstands scrutiny and can guide policymaking. It should adhere to principles of professionalism, transparency, accountability, and audibility in design and data collection.


We always aim for reliability. In research, reliability refers to the extent to which the results of a study can be consistently reproduced under the same conditions.

Why Agroni

Agroni is a leader in research within the BAME community in the UK. With over 23 years of experience, Agroni has handled all kinds of research projects within this community. This level of experience has not only improved the company but also benefited the community.

Our extensive interviewer pool helps us deploy projects across the UK and deliver work on time. Over time, Agroni has also improved both the quantity and quality of services we provide to our clients. We are now at a stage where we can deploy and complete any kind of research project on time.

Years of research have helped us develop a strong relationship with the UK’s BAME community. This has enabled us to improve our interviewer pool and our turnaround time for project completion. Project delivery is one of our strengths, and that has significantly contributed to client satisfaction. You only need to look at our client testimonials to see proof of this.

Agroni's Accreditation

Our Clients Says!

Working with Agroni has been a pleasure and has allowed us to conduct research with communities where English is not the main spoken language, providing unique insights into patient experience. We engaged with Agroni for our project to understand uptake and experience of professional interpreting services in primary care. This included conducting over 600 face-to-face survey interviews and 30 qualitative interviews with a selection of those taking part in the survey. Agroni were professional and responsive throughout our time working with them, and this made our collaboration really enjoyable. I recommend Agroni to anyone in need of multilingual research services. Their dedication to delivering results while upholding professional standards makes them an invaluable partner and we look forward to engaging their services for future projects.

Prof. Katriina Whitaker

Prof. of Psychology & Lead for Cancer Care, University of Surrey

It was an absolute pleasure working with Agroni on research to explore the perception, awareness and attitudes towards CPR among people from different ethic minority backgrounds. We are now using the data they gathered for us in our landmark new report: ‘Every Second Counts: talking inequalities in resuscitation’. I would highly recommend the service they provide.

Esther Kuku

Director of Communications and Engagement, Resuscitation Council UK

Agroni have successfully delivered a number of face to face fieldwork projects for Verian (formerly Kantar Public) across many years. They are proactive, responsive, and have in-depth experience in recruiting niche and specific audiences, particularly ethnic minority audiences. We appreciate their knowledge in recruiting and interviewing such audiences, and value their close involvement in the fieldwork we deliver for our clients. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Andy Halstead

Director, Verian (formerly Kantar Public)

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Jahangir Alam

Data Science Trainer

Jahangir has utilized his analytical expertise as a senior developer at NHS for over six years. He possesses exceptional skills in data modelling, analysis, and visualisation, and is highly proficient in data reporting using tools such as Tableau, MS Power BI, Python, and R.

His expertise extends to areas including:

  • Data Science (Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing)
  • Tableau and PowerBI product design and deployment.
  • Cloud Computing (Azure)- (DevOps, Data factory, Data bricks)
  • Power Query (DAX)
  • Data analysis and visualization.
  • Python for data science and analytics.
  • He is also proficient in Access DB, PowerPoint, and other office products.

Mamunur Muhammad Rahman

Data Science trainer

Mamunur holds a Master's degree in Mobile and Satellite Telecommunication Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Portsmouth. He has over six years of experience in Data Science and Data Analytics at NHS England.

His expertise includes:

  • Azure DevOps, pipelines, data factory, data bricks, and Azure DBA.
  • Tableau and PowerBI product design and deployment.
  • Excel automation with visual basic (VB).
  • SQL programming, including DDL, DQL, DML, DCL and TCL commands, and window functions.
  • Data analysis and visualization.
  • Python for data science and analytics.
  • He is also proficient in Access DB, PowerPoint, and other office products.

Ansar Ahmed Ullah


Senior Consultant


Ansar Ahmed Ullah is a has graduated with MSc in Organisation and Community Development from London Metropolitan University. Ansar has been very actively engaged with community empowerments in London and elsewhere for over four decades. Ansar has been very instrumental in championing equality, social justice and establishing many community organisations. He was one of the founding members of Bangladesh Youth League in Luton in the late early 780s. However, the League of Joi Bangla YouthBand, a Bengali youth collectivemusic group founded in the 80s was one of his most innovate and courageous initiativecourageous initiative that helped the Bengali young people to showcase their creative talents in the mainstream music and cultural industry for the first time. Likewise, founding of the Swadhinata Trust for the promotion and preservation of Bengali history, socio-political andpolitical and cultural heritage has been amongst Ansar’s most admirable contribution in empowering the Bengali community. Ansar is currently working as a Teaching Associate at Queen Mary University of London. Ansar has been involved with Agroni Research as a qualitative researcher since 2010. Previously he worked for IFF Research as a qualitative researcher exploring various socio-political, economic and cultural issues facing the Bengali community to inform development of television programmes for the BBC. Ansar was a project leader on a joint research initiative between the University of Surrey and Swadhinata Trust between 2005 and 2007. This research programme offered an opportunity for young Bengali people to research and document community history and socio-cultural heritage by recording and voicing the experience of three generations of Bengalis in the UK.

Dr. Kapil Ahmed

Senior Consultant

Dr. Kapil Ahmed boasts over three decades of expertise in a broad array of areas, including research, evaluation, data collection, analysis, and operations research. With a rich background in working for government bodies, UN agencies, INGOs/NGOs, and private sector entities, he is recognised for his exceptional skills as a Statistician and Demographer, particularly noted for his work in Bangladesh and the UK. Dr. Ahmed excels in updating demographic and health information, showcasing remarkable creativity in solving problems and optimising data use for organisational benefits. He has a well-established reputation in public health program execution, epidemiological research, and the management of projects concerning child and maternal health. His expertise extends to designing and conducting a variety of research studies, employing both quantitative and qualitative methods for comprehensive evaluations. Dr. Ahmed has led significant research and operations across multiple countries, including the UK, Cambodia, Jordan, Lebanon, and parts of Africa, particularly focusing on health projects and policy research in Bangladesh. His achievements include impactful policy changes in public health, underlined by his proficiency in statistical methods. Dr. Ahmed is an effective communicator, known for his ability to deliver quality results promptly and within budget. He has contributed extensively to academic literature and provided valuable insights to stakeholders, enhancing organisational growth. His experience in Bangladesh and the UK has equipped him with a profound understanding of health and social statistics within these cultural contexts.

Rezina Chowdhury


Managing Director


Rezina Chowdhury is a mixed-methods researcher with over 20 years experience. She has a wealth of experience that covers public health, environment and housing research as well as informing Equalities Impact Assessments across policy development for a wide range of clients across public and private sectors. She started her career in Market Research (MORI and NOP) and has worked in advertising (M&C Saatchi), the public sector (Central Office of Information and Public Health England) as well as the third sector (National Centre for Social Research and Womens’ Aid). Rezina’s career to date has focused on public engagement, opinion gathering and consultation with a view to informing policy development, impactful communication design and social behaviour change strategies. She is a fluent Bangla and Sylheti speaker with many years’ experiences of research and insights gathering among seldom heard groups in parts of East London, Oldham, Birmingham and Bradford on a range of issues. She has also delivered seminars and training to public and private sector organisations on conducting research amongst Black and Ethnic Minority communities. Currently Rezina is a Deputy Leader at the London Borough of Lambeth, with responsibility for Sustainable Mobility, Environment, Parks and Clean Air.

Dr Seán Carey

Senior Consultant

Seán Carey studied sociology and social anthropology as both an undergraduate and a postgraduate at Newcastle University. He has held a variety of academic positions, including lecturer in research methods and social movements at Northumbria University; visiting lecturer in consumer behaviour at Roehampton Business School, University of Roehampton; research associate at Royal Holloway College investigating street life and ethnicity in London; and research fellow at CRONEM (Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism) at the University of Roehampton. Seán is currently Senior Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester and a Fellow of the Young Foundation.

Sharif Ahmed

Research and Innovation Director

Sharif began his career at Agroni in 2006 as a researcher and interviewer. In August 2009, he became a member of the project management team and has since managed several large and complex quantitative and qualitative research projects for a diverse range of clients. Sharif has travelled to different towns and cities across the country to observe field research activities and ensure compliance with the MRS and GDPR/ICO codes of conduct.Sharif has extensive experience in working with the public sector, particularly within NHS settings. While at the Department of Health, he worked with a team of researchers from various disciplines and nationalities. Sharif also took the opportunity to learn advanced data analysis techniques, such as using SPSS Modeller and SPSS Amos to investigate the correlation between local commissioning structures and patient outcomes. Sharif is highly skilled in computer programming and interactive data visualization, using a range of popular programming languages and software, including SQL, Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, and Python programming tools for deep analytical work. Sharif holds a BSc in Statistics and an MSc in Research Methodology, and is currently pursuing a part-time PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As part of his PhD, he is developing an AI model to improve healthcare in the NHS setting. Furthermore, Sharif is an active member of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and the British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC). He regularly contributes to statistical and analytical magazines and journal papers, and he is currently leading the development of in-house AI-enabled survey and analytical products.

Zahir Raja Chowdhury

Fieldwork & Quality Control Director

Zahir Chowdhury serves as the Director of Fieldwork and Quality Control at Agroni Research, holding a Master's degree in Social Science from Chittagong University. In his current role, Zahir is responsible for overseeing fieldwork coordination, training, quality assurance, and community development initiatives. Since joining Agroni in 2014 as a trainer and supervisor for interviewers, he has spearheaded a plethora of qualitative and quantitative research projects throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. These projects span a diverse array of topics, from health awareness to consumer behavior. Bringing over two decades of experience from his tenure at Social Action for Health, Zahir has amassed extensive expertise in areas such as health and wellbeing, community development, health advocacy, social care, and promoting smoking cessation among Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities in East London. Before his impactful work in the UK, Zahir was an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at ShahJalal University of Science and Technology in Sylhet, Bangladesh. His academic pursuits focused on development administration, public services reform, and enhancing civic participation in the development and administration sectors of Bangladesh. Zahir is deeply committed to community development and actively participates in volunteer work. He has played a significant role in various community organisations, notably as one of the founding directors of the Hason Raja Trust. Through this position, Zahir is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the songs and philosophy of the esteemed spiritual poet Hason Raja, particularly within the Bengali diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Nooruddin Ahmed

Managing Director

Noor studied Social Science and Administration at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. Noor has been the Managing Director of Agroni since June 2000. Noor has also worked for the Centre for Social and Evaluation Research at the London Metropolitan University (formerly London Guildhall University) as a researcher. Whilst working for the University he conducted research and then organised a conference on the recruitment of nurses from the Bangladeshi community. In 1989, he undertook a specific project for the Local Economy Policy Unit at South Bank University as a Field Manager for the Spitalfields Skills Survey. From 1998 to 2002, he worked as a freelance research associate for the Public Policy Research Unit at Queen Mary, University of London. Noor has also been involved for many years with BAME communities in Tower Hamlets, Camden and Westminster, including working at the Central London Law Centre, where he campaigned for better awareness of employment rights with BAME employees in the catering industry. He has held a number of honorary positions within the voluntary and public sector, including the following: • Non-executive Director of Barts and the London NHS Trust (1998 - 2001); • Chair of Tower Hamlets Association of Racial Equality (predecessor of Tower Hamlets Council for Racial Equality) between 1987 and 1989. • Noor was an elected member of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets from1990-94. From 1991 to 1994 he was chair of the Equalities and Personnel Committee. Noor is co-author of ‘’Bridging the Gap: The London Olympics 2012 and South Asian-owned Businesses in Brick Lane and Green Street’’ published by the Young Foundation in 2006.